Ever so often companies like yours feel the need for a language interpreter. The requirement could be onsite or remote. Either ways, this person needs to be a master of at least 2 languages, have great interpersonel skills, be a clear communicator and have the experience to steer away from translating literally to translating referentially. We can get you in touch with such a person.
Our extensive presence in the language market means that we meet and are contacted by hundreds of language experts every week. These people are neatly saved in our database as per their skills and location, only to be called upon when someone like you feels a need for some inter-lingual conversation. Our interpreters work in areas across the spectrum, including law, corporate events, education and medical. And as always, we will be offering a massive discount on our first project together (* – not to exceed USD 1000 in value). Let language not get in the way. For interpreters, contact us here.

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