Any software being ported globally can quickly lead to one disturbing realisation. The knowledge that it requires a transcreational change in language. In what order should one display first names and last names? What is the accepted DDMMYY format in this region? How can I change the text of that “submit” button to make sense to someone who doesn’t speak English? One of the latest types of localization, software localization is vastly different from it’s less labour-intensive sibling, translation.
Software localization involves source and translation experts working together in phases, through out the creation of the software. The final output, if succesfully executed, should make the product look local to any and every languuage market it is targetted to. And this is what we strive to do. We will work with your team all through this many-tiered process, right from creating glossaries to localizing the graphics to running a quality-check on the final product. Avail our massive ice-breaker discount on the first project together (* – not to exceed USD 1000 in value). Reach out here.

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