Creating manuals and documents need formatting, love and care. But it is not easy. Desktop publishing is already complicated enough. Throw a new language into the equation and it becomes a whole different animal. This is where we can make life really simple for you. DTP requirements, be it for desktop or commercial printing or electronic distribution including PDF, slide shows, email newsletters, epub, and the Web – we’ve got it all covered.
All you need to send us the the source file and tell us which language to port it to. Our DTP teams work across the world to ensure that transcreational content isn’t misrepresented due to any geographic disparities. Simply put, that means that we have our hands on the local language pulse – for over 40 languages. We provide comprehensive DTP services from and into any format and any language. So, whether your requirement be Quark XPress or Adobe Indesign (just 2 of our 12 supported formats), leave it to us. If you do, we’ll throw in a massive discount on our first project together (* – not to exceed USD 1000 in value). Please leave your queries here.

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