Words bring the world together. And we are doing our little bit to make this happen in a more efficient and easy way. How? By getting the most accomplished translators in the world to work on your products! Our immense pool of translators (over 650 of them, and in over 40 languages) are hand-picked for every new project after carefully reviewing the requirement.

An engineering project is awarded to a translator with a background in engineering. A legal document is handled by someone who has already worked on thousands of projects on the subject matter. And ONLY the best translators will end up working on your project thanks to our 3-stage translator-targeting review system.

And because we send our translators large enough volumes of work, they’re kind enough to give us their best rates, which means one more thing – no more stretching your project budgets. Our resources are equipped with the latest in translation softwares like TRADOS, Wordfast and many more.

Try us out and we’ll even give you a massive discount* on the first project we work on together. (* – not to exceed USD 1000 in value). Contact our translation desk here.

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