We named ourselves after a box of voices because that’s what we are – a wonderful collection of the most diverse pool of voice over artists. Whether it’s e-learning, television, movie dubbing, radio content, corporate videos, gaming or any other digital creation that needs a human voice – we’ve got someone for you. And not just in one language or 2. In over 40 languages. All this, with the transperant pricing model that doesn’t spring you any budget-related surprises!
Since we’ve been at it since almost a decade, you can rest easy. With over 1000 voice overs speaking in over 40 languages, we ALWAYS find that perfect voice for you. Our artists have been chosen from thousands of candidates to have the 3 most essential qualities – a great voice, quick response times and a passion to be heard. Don’t believe us? Give us a try. We’ll even throw in a massive discount on our first project together to oil things up (* – not to exceed USD 1000 in value). Drop in a query here.

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